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The Fair

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Against the backdrop of a beautiful view of Mount Monadnock, the First Church in Jaffrey holds its annual Fair on the first Wednesday in August from 1 to 4 pm with food available beginning 12:30, in this iconic New England village that is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The First Wednesday in August

From 1 to 4 pm with food available beginning 12:30


The First Church in Jaffrey Annual August Fair on Aug. 4 offers something for everyone, from folks outfitting a new house to collectors and dealers.  There is a great selection of lamps, fine art, antiques, jewelry, garden items, household goods, vintage linens, tested electrical and electronics items and tools.

Celebrating 104 years of summer fun and bargains for all ages, the 2021 Fair and Children’s Fair will be held – rain or sunshine –  on Wednesday, Aug. 4 from 1 to 4 PM at the red brick church and the 1775 Jaffrey Meetinghouse, Route 124 at Laban Ainsworth Way in Jaffrey Center.

For COVID safety from the Delta variant, face masks and social distancing are strongly recommended for all on August 4. The Fair wasn’t held in 2020 due to COVID.

Admission is free. Deluxe bag lunches – for outdoor picnics – start at 12:30. At 1 pm the doors to the Meetinghouse open for bountiful Antiques and Collectibles, jewelry and White Elephant items; the Parish House doors open for homemade delicacies at the Bakery and the weekly Pie Sale (on Wednesday, Aug. 4 not the usual Friday). The church doors open for lots of Fine Art by local artists in the church sanctuary. The Garden Center on the Common’s lawn features garden tools, planters and choice small furniture.  An outdoor snack bar will be open.

At the Children’s Fair, held in the Horsesheds, kids can play games to win prizes, decorate cupcakes, find treasures to buy, ride in an antique car, and more. Tickets for games: still 25 cents.

Donations of merchandise (furniture is limited to small lightweight items) will be received at the rear of the Parish House (off Blackberry Lane) at 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Saturday, July 31, and also at the Meetinghouse on Monday, August 2.

This event depends on roughly 100 volunteers to set up, sort, sell, park cars, and clean up. While the church’s congregation plans and organizes the Fair, two-thirds of the workers come from the wider community. Net proceeds help support local social service organizations and scholarships for Conant HS graduates – 51% goes to local organizations; 49% supports the church (

So goes the old saying “Many hands make light work”! Many hands labor for the First Church Fairs, which also benefit our wider community. We are grateful to the many neighbors, community friends and roped-in ‘helpers’ who make the 104th FAIR at the First Church in Jaffrey possible! The FAIR takes place THIS WEDNESDAY, AUG4th from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Hot dogs on the grill or pick-up boxed lunches are available starting 12:30. COME, this is quite an experience…families center their reunions around it. Friends meet here from near and far. Prices are low and the quality is screened.


Seeking treasures from old houses and seeking bargains inside the 1775 Meetinghouse is an exciting regional tradition for hundreds of shoppers. The Children’s Fair, by the 1810 Horsesheds, has hundreds of children playing games, winning prizes, and getting rides in a Model T Ford. The Fair draws roughly 100 volunteers, 2/3 from the wider community, who set up, sort, and sell something for everyone: plants and art to antiques, china, jewelry, household goods, small appliances, tools and baked goods.


More than half the net proceeds support more than a dozen local and regional social service organizations and college scholarships for Conant High School graduates. Groups receiving donations from the 2019 Fair proceeds were: Home Health Care Hospice & Community Services; Jaffrey Emergency Fund; Jaffrey Food Pantry; Meals on Wheels; Monadnock Adult Day Care Center; Monadnock Area Psychotherapy & Spiritual Services (MAPS); Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter; Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention; Monadnock Community Early Learning Center; Monadnock Family Services; Shelter from the Storm; Reality Check; Got Lunch; and Jaffrey Rindge Memorial Ambulance Service.