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Celebrating all of our diversity we seek to live the teaching of Jesus to Love God with all that we have and Love our Neighbors as ourselves. We do this through our continued commitment to worship, education, justice making, stewardship, community service, and mission giving. You matter, however you can be a part!

Here in this church, human beings have gathered for generations seeking a higher purpose and deeper life than they could find alone. We are grateful today for each one who has found their way to FCiJ whether for a moment or a lifetime. As members and friends of this church, we seek to allow ourselves to know and to be known, to minister to and to be ministered unto, to love and to be loved by this congregation as a living example of the Beloved Community. All are welcome, no exceptions!

We recognize that we each are on our own spiritual journey, a journey that will not end here. As members and friends of this church we pledge to be companions as we journey for as long as we travel together in this place. We do this by respecting each other’s understanding of and relationship to Jesus of Nazareth, whom some of us call Christ, while acknowledging our commitment to the broader fellowship of the United Church of Christ and the wider Christian family. ALL questions are welcome here!