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The First Church in Jaffrey will be selling pies every Friday beginning June 25th from 2-4 o’clock at The First Church In Jaffrey.

This will be a fund raiser for the church and the majority of the proceeds are given back to the town to worthy organizations.  First Church wasn’t able to have their 104th Summer Fair last year due to Covid so we are trying to make up for that loss of income for charitable giving. The homemade pies will all have fresh pie crusts, all are made from scratch and the pies will vary between sweet and savory.  On the menu you might find apple, blueberry, Sky High Mondanock Pie (chocolate mousse), Pecan, Grasshopper, Key Lime, Tollhouse Chocolate Chip, Cream Puff pie,  and Strawberry Rhubarb.  Not all pies are available every week!  Savory pies will include quiches and Tourtiere (meat pies).  If your heart is set on a particular pie call this number and reserve. (603-263-4743)

You must pick up pre ordered pies by 3 on Friday.  Hope to see you there!