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Against the backdrop of a beautiful view of Mount Monadnock, the First Church in Jaffrey holds its annual Fair on the first Wednesday in August from 1 to 4 pm, in this iconic New England village that is on the National Register of Historic Places.

104th Summer Fair at First Church!
On Thursday, May 27, 2021, some past Fair leaders met to talk about the viability of a Fair and what changes or omissions might be wise in light of our nation’s recovery from the pandemic and our aging population.  The following leaders were present for this meeting:  Dee Poole, Rick Stein, Sylvia Hamilton, Gene Faxon, Janet Grant, Suze and Ken Campbell, Betsy and David Trimble, and Pam and Bruce Hill.
It was resoundingly agreed we should have a Fair, but it was also agreed to scale it back for these reasons:
  • health and safety for all in light of Covid
  • reducing our expenses (ex., the dunk tank and striker rental plus the prizes exceeds $400 )
  • lightening the labor
 Following is a brief summary of the Fair’s components:
 Children’s Fair – The consensus was to scale it back but not eliminate it.  Camp Wa-Klo participation and children’s vaccination status is questionable.  We felt there could be 2-4 children’s activities, plus Robbie Bones music, the antique car, maybe some field events, and possibly a theatrical opportunity.  We are seeking confirmed leadership and workers.
White Elephant, Antiques, and Collectibles  – We agreed to work on thinning  out the number of people in the Meetinghouse and that may best be accomplished by using the horse sheds and tents for a few categories.  Leaders Betsy Trimble and Dee Poole will coordinate this adjustment.
Electronics and Tools will be chaired by Gene Faxon.  We cannot accept dirty items, computers, work-out equipment, or things that don’t work!
Bakery – Sylvia Hamilton will chair the bakery again; it may be moved to a larger, more convenient location.
Food/lunch  – We question the safety of the Parish Hall to accommodate a large group on small card tables; outside seating is weather conditional.  We discussed various food options ranging from full luncheon (but dismissed that as an option), to bag lunch, to outside vendors, to hot dog stand.  Popcorn, cotton candy, and ice cream were mentioned.  We have no consensus of thought at this point and no leaders for this venue.
Gardening  – Rick Stein will chair the gardening section again.  If anyone has a talent for starting new shoots from existing plants, now is the time!  Gardening tools, ornaments, and small manageable furniture always sell well.
Fine Art – We supported the sale of fine art but didn’t finalize an appropriate location for a scaled down version.  We welcome Gunilla Johanson and Mary Amirsakis to this leadership team.
Please think about how you can help this effort; either through leadership, assistance, donation of goods, or financial contribution.  Worker bees should confirm your intended assistance with your leader.  New workers may contact any leader or Fair Chairs Pam and Bruce for assignments.
A large problem we faced in the past is disposal of unsold items.  While we appreciate the support and good intentions, a considerable amount of merchandise does not sell.  We all need to address this by being SELECTIVE in what you donate.  We want clean, working, quality items in good condition and with good value.  There will be no large furniture and no delivery service to or from the Fair.  Soon we will post a few dates in July when you may drop off merchandise.
The team leaders will be meeting again in 2 weeks.  Email ( ) or phone Pam or Bruce (Pam: 508-280-0771) , Bruce: 508-280-9546) with offers to help or questions.  Looking forward to working together, “in person” again this summer!