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Our Parish House languished during COVID because it could not be used by the church and the community safely. Plans to have Rev. Steve Miller and his wife Jill Tyler come to Jaffrey for candidating weekend in mid-October spurred members to dream of renovating this space. There was just enough time to add newer “gently used” furniture, plants, and other accents, thanks to Ed and Dee Poole, Marcia Breckenridge, Linda Giragosian, and Nancy Elder-Wilfrid and Dan Wilfrid.

 More planning and brainstorming culminated in the big project this past week – painting the Parish Hall!

 A report by Pam Hill, who has spearheaded this effort follows:  (Please see attached pictures of our “progress”)

Monday: Dan Wilfrid, Lisa Giragosian, Pat Harmon, Bruce Hill and myself met at 9 AM to begin work. Bruce stayed long enough to help Dan and Lisa move furniture to the center of the room emptying the bookcases of books so they could be moved. Pictures came down, switch plates removed, valances unscrewed and taken down. Bruce then left, and the four of us began “cutting in,” a big job in a big room with many windows and doors. Soon Pat and Dan began using the roller while Lisa and I worked on the contrasting wall. We were finished on that day by 2 PM – all walls had received one coat of paint.

 Tuesday: Dan beat us all by arriving at 8:30, and by the time Lisa and I arrived he had cut in and painted 2/3 of the room!  Lisa and I helped finish the painting, and then we started cleaning up: paint brushes, rollers, drop clothes, etc. Lisa vacuumed each valance separately and they look much brighter.  She then vacuumed the floor. A worker bee that one!  All framed pictures were cleaned as well.

We went home for lunch and reconvened at 3 PM to hang pictures, vacuum, clean, put furniture back, replace all switch plates with new white ones, replaced wire with less visible fishing line to hang Carol’s photos and clean some more. Everything is put away except books from the bookcase. 

We were surprised we finished in two days. The walls are so bright with nary a scratch or tack hole. Overall, the room looks cleaner, brighter, neater and we think presentable enough to rent for a function. We’re asking everyone not to use tape or tacks to hang a paper on the wall. Dan Wilfrid purchased paint and supplies through a grant, and the labor was free.

An exciting project made possible with great colleagues. 

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