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Shortly after the Sunday service, First Church in Jaffrey held its annual meeting. Carol Hess, Sylvia Hamilton, and Janet Grant were re-elected as Moderator, Clerk, and Treasurer. A plan to rotate membership on the board of Trustees was approved. Gwen Gundlach and Sylvia Hamilton continued as Trustees through 2020, Ken Campbell and Jane Jontz will continue as Trustees through 2021, and Sam Greene and Tom Warren will serve as Trustees through 2022. The Annual Report was accepted and noted for the positive changes happening at First Church.  The 2019 financial status of the church was reported and the fact that a significant portion of the 2019 endowment withdrawal will support the 2020 budget, which was approved. The revised Bylaws were discussed and further action on them was approved by the congregation.  Appreciation was expressed for all the work of the Bylaws team.