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Friends we have been able to put online excerpts from today/’s worship service (the Second Sunday in Advent) and also portions of last week’s worship led by Rev. Cassius Webb.

Take a look and have a mini-service meditation experience.  We will try to continue providing such abbreviated mini-services throughout the Advent Season.  These will generally appear on Mondays on our YouTube channel, which you can access at any time by inserting     firstchurchinjaffrey YouTube channel     into your search engine.

2nd Sunday of Advent

On this second Sunday in Advent 2021, the First Church in Jaffrey NH offers special music and a message reminding us to be ready — and, most importantly, be patient just when you are chomping at the bit.


The First Sunday in Advent

Advent is called “the season of HOPE”. As these four weeks begin in 2021, we dearly yearn for hope as our world is rocked, yet again, with threats of pandemic spread even while living with the aches of losses already encountered. Join us for a few moments as our neighbor down the street, the Rev. Cassius Webb (an Episcopal priest), leads worship today in our 241 year old congregational church (United Church of Christ) in Jaffrey Center NH. Excerpts from the service are offered here.


Carol B. Hess, Moderator